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MITH extends its warmest congratulations to Stuart Moulthrop, our friend and colleague just up the road at the University of Baltimore who has recently been awarded not one but two prestigious international prizes for electronic literature. Read the full story below.


The jury of 3rd International Digital Literature Award Ciutat de VinarA?A?s has awarded its 2007 prize in Narrative to Stuart Moulthrop for his work "Deep Surface."? A second piece by Moulthrop, "Under Language,"? shares the 2007 prize in Poetry with "Universo Molecula,"? by the Catalan writer Isaias Herrero Florensa.

The VinarA?A?s prizes have been awarded since 2005 for outstanding work in literature produced and delivered with computational media. The prize is administered by the Hermeneia research group at the Open University of Catalonia ( The competition typically includes entries in several European languages. Previous winners include the German writer Susanne Berkenheger, the Australian multimedia artist Jason Nelson, and a Brasilian design team led by the poet Chico Marinho.

Moulthrop will travel to Barcelona in January, 2008 to accept the award, which comes with a prize of 2,500 Euros.

"Deep Surface"? is a narrative experiment in fluid reading, playfully crossing an electronic book with a free-diving simulator. "Under Language"? is a literary "instrument"? in which poetry and executable code collide at high energies, yielding unpredictable results. Both works combine text, sound collage, synthetic speech, and computer graphics, using game-like interfaces. They are accessible on the World Wide Web at:


Stuart Moulthrop has been creating electronic literature since the early 1980s. His novel-length hypertext, Victory Garden, was reviewed by Robert Coover on the front page of the New York Times Book Review in 1992 and called "the new benchmark"? for the newborn field of electronic writing. Coover later assigned that work to the brief "golden age"? of digital literature preceding the World Wide Web. Several of Moulthrop's Web projects, including "Hegirascope"? (1995) and "Reagan Library"? (1999) have drawn widespread critical attention in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. "Reagan Library"? was included in The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume I, the first anthology of the new medium.

Stuart Moulthrop was a founding director of the Electronic Literature Organization, to whose board he recently returned after a hiatus of several years. He has also served as Co-Editor of the on-line journal Postmodern Culture, where he oversaw the first issue devoted entirely to native-electronic literary texts. He has read and delivered workshops at writing programs around the world, including Brown University, the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College, the University of Iowa, and universities in Australia and Scandinavia.

Professor Moulthrop teaches in the Master's Program in Interaction Design and Information Architecture (IDIA) and the Bachelor's Program in Simulation and Digital Entertainment (SDE) at the University of Baltimore, where he is currently Acting Chair of the School of Information Arts and Technologies. He received his PhD in English from Yale in 1986, where he taught before moving to the University of Texas and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He came to Baltimore in 1994, and helped found the School of Information Arts and Technologies in 2002.

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