A MITH Digital Dialogue

10/20 MITH Digital Dialogue: Doug Reside, "If/Then 101: Teaching Programming at Maryland"

A MITH Digital Dialogue
Tuesday, October 20, 12:30-1:45
MITH Conference Room, McKeldin Library B0135

"If/Then 101: Teaching Programming at Maryland" by DOUG RESIDE

How is programming taught at the University of Maryland? Are there
any substantive difference in the way faculty and staff in different
departments communicate the core ideas of the practice? This round
table discussion will gather members of the campus community from
different disciplines and colleges to publicly compare notes and
discover whether there are any surprising disciplinary differences or
similarities in programming pedagogy.

Doug Reside is Assistant Director of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH). In addition to undergraduate degrees in English
and Computer Science from Truman State University, he holds a PhD in
English from the University of Kentucky and his dissertation,
completed in 2006, proposes a theory for textual criticism and editing
of musical theater texts and included an electronic edition of the
1998 musical Parade. Reside directs all programming work at MITH and
has taught three courses on programming for humanities students.

Coming up @ MITH 10/27: Mark Sample (George Mason), "The Open Source Professor: Teaching, Research, and Transparency"

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